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Isobar Trading and Services WLL would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity to serve and trade with you. It is the perfect chance for us to leverage our knowledge and experience in the trading and services industry, in order to help you achieve more. We have an extensive regional and international experience in general cleaning of buildings (including private, residential, corporate and commercial), all kinds of industrial cleaning, automotive cleaning and polishing, maintenance and hospitality services.

In areas of trading, we are well grounded in importation, sales and distribution of all kinds of cleaning chemicals, tools, materials and equipment as well as wood and timber. We are well-positioned to partner up with your company in this project. Promising to work closely with your team during each stage of the project, we will help you achieve your objectives.

We believe that great virtues create strong and sincere communication influence on the world. The consumer is at the heart of everything we do, along with our passion for enriching brand experiences and offering a truly integrated approach general maintenance, automotive cleaning, hospitality, import of cleaning and wood materials. We are driven by our passion to discover and define a dialogue, which creates trends and movements.

Working with brands since August 2017